Hua’s Restaurant at Shimao Mansion

Hua’s Restaurant at Shimao Mansion is strategically located in the core of CBD area, 500 meters away from the World Trade Center and adjacent to the Chang'an Avenue. It is a stylish restaurant that presents a perfect combination of modern and classic.

Shimao branch shows the breakthrough of the orthodox traditional style in the luxury business environment and as well as the beauty, uniqueness and taste of the high-end CBD area. The restaurant décor is enhanced by the adoption of Chinese new and classical elements of a Beijing courtyard. Hua’s Restaurant spirit not only can be found in its Chinese-style window bars, classical lantern and symmetrical layout, but also on its personalized traditional Chinese culture and  established atmosphere, which is simply elegant and yet stylist.

Hua’s Restaurant at Shimao Mansion is the perfect choice for holding a wedding, large business or corporate annual meetings. There are 20 private and deluxe rooms with panoramic view of CCTV station, Beijing TV station, China World Trade Center Tower III, China World Hotel and other landmarks. Chinese tea art, face changing performance, magic shows and other marvelous performances, can be included in the experience; creating a relaxing, a living and an interesting dining atmosphere.

Hua’s Restaurant at Shimao Mansion covers a business area of 3,500 square meters, has 20 private dining rooms, and a capability to serve 800 guests at one time.

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